Thursday, November 8, 2018

The word true

The word true                                                                                          

Nothing is true but God, said Meher.
That is – nothing to do with us is true. 

True? – such a flimsy word
dependent upon the false for substantiality.

As vague and elusive a concept
as heaven or Union or bliss

all of which become meaningless
beyond the purlieus of this and that.

What is true in the midst of a dream?
Which mist-veiled path leads up the mountain

to a realm of clarity, an awakened state
where truth is no longer claimed or spoken?

Once life and death are put aside
the goal disappears, is vanquished.

The word true becomes no longer utterable –
absorbed, let us imagine, in His great silence.

O child of God, you long ago stopped believing in words.
Now you are losing faith in truth itself.

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