Saturday, December 19, 2015



One day the Friend will just up and walk away.
You’ll have no choice but to follow –

by then He’ll be your lifeblood.  You’ll be taken by surprise.
He’s indulged you so long; so many lifetimes,

determining one day – enough is enough;
time to unravel the swaddling clothes. 

You’ve led Him, your loyal companion,
into and through the darkest, shabbiest places;

the petty, the mean, the absurd, the perverse,
while He’s kept a steady eye on you,

offering a Word now and then amidst
your constant bluster and self-justification.

One day the Friend will just up and wander away,
you having reached a certain ripeness

and you’ll  be forced to leave the familiar,
your loved ones and companions

who will not understand nor accompany
you and the Friend into the desert

beneath God’s great, scattered handful of stars
to begin the long, solitary except for Him

trek home, His way, by His authority,
the sovereignty of His inviolable divine plan.

O child of God, He has told you from the very first:
I am your one true Friend.

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