Saturday, December 15, 2012

Faith is a wooden sword

Faith is a wooden sword                            
Faith is a wooden sword. 
Take it up, o lover, against the ogres

and demons of your dire imaginings,
which (the Masters say)

is the substance of adversity and suffering
and, yet, which bar the way

to your rendezvous
with Who you really are.

Discipline yourself in the art of war.
Labor for the day

you will be handed a sword of steel.
Faith is a leave-taking

from the worldly ranks, a declaration
of allegiance to the King.  O lover,

let your ordinary and inevitable
death and suffering

take on a vital and pointed glory!
Faith is a wooden sword, a testing of the blood.

The essence of faith is surrender.
Pure and ultimate faith – surrender ... and victory.

O child of God, take up your sword
and be faithful to the only worthy One.


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