Saturday, December 7, 2013

Precious cargo

Precious cargo

Read it until it sings in your veins!
You said of God Speaks.

All remembrance should be like that --
vascular, in the marrow; a deep

and irresistible recognition; a light
dispelling the shadows

in which incredulity and indifference breeds,
reestablishing our ancient-most

connection with reality;
. . . until it sings in your veins!

On the practical side, it should be sturdy
and lightweight, wieldy -- a convenient apparatus

for exposing and relinquishing
the temporal and the illusory;

unable to grasp our intended
distractions and indulgences,

finding our hands (heads, throats)
ever full and otherwise occupied

by a pure and most precious cargo --
Your name, Your image, Your presence

O child of God, Remember Me is a question.
Search your innermost depths to find the answer.


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