Saturday, June 28, 2014

Holy umbrage

Holy umbrage

You told of a sanyasi seeking Realization -
told to await Your call under a certain tree.

After a while, You said, he wandered away.
End of story but not the end of his story.

What higher authority could he have imagined,
roaming the continent or his own interior terrain,

appearing beyond the shade
of that divinely appointed tree?

Down the road a piece, did he look back
woefully knowing, then and lifelong,

that he could never honestly take up
his position in its shade again?

I ask these questions waiting impatiently
(perhaps, for millenniums) under my designated tree,

trusting no higher authority exists,
no better path might be taken

and if ever I wander from its holy umbrage
I can return - not to its shadows -

but, to the open, merciful arms of my Beloved,
seeking His forgiveness and awaiting new instructions.

O child of God, take from His story the workings
of karma, grace, obedience and faith.


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