Saturday, June 28, 2014

Holy umbrage

Holy umbrage                                                                                         

A sanyasi seeking realization was told
to await Your call under a certain tree. 

After a while he wandered away.
End of story but not the end of his story.

Down the road a piece, did he look back
woefully knowing, then and lifelong,

that he could never honestly take up
his position in its shade again?

I await impatiently (perhaps, for millenniums)
under my designated tree,

trusting no higher authority exists,
no better path might be taken

and if ever I wander from its holy umbrage
I can return – not to its shadows –

but, to the open, merciful arms of my Beloved,
seeking His forgiveness and awaiting instructions anew.

O child of God, such are the workings
of karma, grace, obedience and faith.

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