Saturday, June 7, 2014

The first crease

The first crease

Like the first crease in the pitching distance
on the cricket field, bowler to batter

or, the line of a footrace
to evenly curb every toe -

such is the scratch
we must get back to.

Eruch said to begin
by earnestly kidding yourself -

your incredulous mind
thrown under the wheels

of that terrible, redemptive law -
what you wish for, you eventually receive.

Kid yourself that He's in the chair
until His grace opens your eyes

to the presumed Reality
that it's kidding yourself

to believe the chair is empty.
Starting from scratch, score zero -

the illusory rule-tending, scorekeeping,
handicaps and accumulations,

boundaries and demarcations yet
to come - fixed, impervious and binding.

O child of God, return to that edgeless, quiet
unknown before the first pitch is thrown.


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