Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Stone bearer

Stone bearer                                                     

I am sometimes shamed by my caustic tongue.
Often I do not suffer fools lightly

which is a great sin because
there are so many fools in the world,

especially those arrogant ones
who have not yet learned to suffer fools lightly.

It’s hard for me at times to embrace
my (human) family because I refuse

to set down the stones I bear in each fist.
Stone bearer, stone caster.

Whether with words, thoughts or deeds,
I chunk those bruising missiles

to relieve the weight of my own burden
but immediately find myself armed again,

ever on the ready, never letting it sink in
that it is the weight of those stones

that keeps me yoked and grounded
to this dark, dark earth.

O child of God, where did you ever gather the notion
that compassion makes you vulnerable?

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