Saturday, December 21, 2013

Imaginary wristwatch

Imaginary wristwatch

I haven't much time, You gesture,
(turned up at my door for a visit)

wagging a finger, tapping
an imaginary wristwatch.  Stay present,

You say.  Fearlessly value each moment.
But, serving tea, I begin to worry --

my china set cheap and tarnished;
my tea of low quality, fingers trembling,

words awkward.  I get shaky
whenever You look my way.

I worry some imprudent word or gesture
might send You prematurely to the door.

Which prompts a vision of my house
even bleaker than before

with You gone from it.
After a time, You rise,

take Your leave.  Next time,
You gesture, next time,

(tapping the imaginary wristwatch) --
trust Me with your life!

O child of God, how foolish!  Afraid
of losing that which is eternally present.


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  1. Brian-- I liked both of today's poems, very much. The wristwatch poem and the Lion. Alice
    I don't understand the "choose a profile thing". I just clicked google but don't know what I'm doing! Help?