Saturday, November 28, 2015

God's brush

God's brush

Dinosaur bones today in Texas
proof of time from earth's dawning;

physical evidence like the morning's
egg-stained dishes and half cup of cold coffee,

historical data corroborating
our perceptions and assumptions -

the past not only once existed
but time ever existing and flowing,

not a contiguous, static flickering
in the same illogical, illusive pond.

Do the bones prove our mortality,
evidence of self upon terra firma

stepping aside to judge,
witness and  record this glorious,

palpable cavalcade and spectacle?
Or is it just another flourish from God's brush?

Just another facet of His ever-present, insoluble,
impossibly intricate and arcane, illusory design?

O child of God, is time endless or an infinitesimal
slice of the wink of an eye?

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