Saturday, August 9, 2014

The evidence of solitude

The evidence of solitude

So much time You spent this advent
in strict seclusion, apparently

to end our strict seclusions -
the evidence of solitude lifelong

and (we're taught) aeons longer;
in the shade and marrow

of this house of bones -
'til You get a foot in the door

promising to swing it wide
to the multitudes; to ecstasy and sorrow;

to death and decay; to Self; to God.
You intervened - constant Companion;

working Yourself into exhaustion
to change the equation.

Where once were two -
self on one side - universe on the other -

now there's an indistinct, yet powerful, volatile third -
a method and an option opened

to penetrate and redeem
the reclusive, drop soul nature of every human being.

O child of God, all He's asking
is that you share creation with its Creator.


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