Saturday, October 7, 2017

Rumi's field

Rumi’s field                      

Rumi’s field – beyond ideas
of wrong-doing and right-doing –

is not so far away. 
I’m running my hand

along the top of its fence.  It was never
a great distance to traverse

but a coming to a halt,
turning the handle

and swinging wide the gate.
No one to meet me there but myself,

unencumbered of my knothole view,
my prejudices and opinions.

Ah, to lie down burden-free
in that long grass with the wildflower scent

in the sun-warmed field, upheld
and surrendered like a body on the ocean face

letting the current move me where it will.
It’s so near, just over the fence,

and I won’t leave until I’m taken away
or find a way through its summoning gate.

O child of God, not far away nor far in the future.
Seek advice from your constant Companion.

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