Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The everywhere ocean

The everywhere ocean       
O how I have paced the quay
longing to leave the shore! 

Throw myself into the ocean of Love
to drown there – a returning (I am told)

to my lost, original existence. 
But, only lately have I begun to suspect

that I am now (and forever have been)
continuously sunk, fathomlessly deep,

utterly drenched in Love’s boundless ocean.
God is Love, said Meher. And God is everywhere.

I swim about daily in the ocean of God
clinging to the thin veil that estranges me,

prevents my experiencing down to the marrow
my original and continuous existence

as a immeasurable drop
in the everywhere ocean of Love.

O child of God, there is no point of departure
for anywhere you might think you need to be.

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