Saturday, August 9, 2014

O wayfarer

O wayfarer

You ordered aristocratic Norina,
much to her humiliation,

to return, again and again,
to the ship's Captain posing

the same question each time -
when shall we arrive?

Courteous, at first, annoyed and then irate,
he banned her, at last, from the bridge,

judging the Princess to have, somewhere
along the voyage, lost her mind.

A lesson in humble submission for Norina -
(and for every lover thereafter)

but, also, something more ... sinking deeper
into our bones and blood - and it is this -

the Captain commands the ship ...
plots the course, schedules the arrival,

knows precisely when and how
the destination should be reached.

Absurdity, sheer lunacy are our fears, inquiries,
gestures, inputs, urgencies and desires.

Lay back, o wayfarer.  Embrace and endure in silence,
the remainder of your lonely voyage home.

O child of God, so many lessons from the One
Who did not come to teach.


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