Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lost paradise

Lost paradise                                                                                 

A neglected garden knotted in thorns ... 
You lured me from the gate

with a promise of wine; the fragrance
of jasmine, roses and tuberose;

distant blue mountains,
buried veins of ruby and gold,

brightly plumed birds,
greeneries of herbs and spices.

O, I’m in open country now –
let the sun parch, rains soak, winds punish;

my vision is upon that jagged horizon.
No one to blame, not even myself;

no punishment to mete out or receive,
just settling down to the business at hand –

the long trek back
towards that towering

range of love, that high realm
of utter absolution.

O child of God, step beyond your guilt and return
to the lost paradise of your eternal Beloved.

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