Saturday, March 3, 2012

The darshan moment

The darshan moment                                                                      

Living for tomorrow ...
is a pilgrim in the queue,

absently fingering a garland,
inching his way toward darshan.

Living in the past ... a pilgrim
walking back to the retreat

empty-handed under the stars,
the warmth fading in his chest.

O pilgrim!  Live in the darshan moment!
Behind the doors you’ve burst through, 

in the kneeling and bowing moment,
on the floor of cold stone tears.

He awaits you – expects you – every moment,
a cleft of shoulder and neck

in which to hide your crumbling face
and empty your heart; a pillar to lean on,

a gaze from eyes shining
with an unearthly love.

O child of God, live in the darshan moment.
Before and after are the nuances of a listless dream.

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