Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ruminations on Rumi

Ruminations on Rumi

When was I less by dying? Rumi asked,
encouraging us over that dark hump

but, one day, apparently we shall
dispense with all considerations

of loss and gain, at the forked road
divest ourselves of preference,

stratagems and ruminations,
no true path or every path taken as true,

the art of pleasing God
quietly set aside

to please Him by the art
of quietly setting it aside.

Encompassed in our empty arms,
witnessed through our opened-wide,

weeping, awestruck, love-drenched eyes,
agony, rapture, dispossession and gain,

anguish, solace, pleasure and pain,
every distinguishable aspect razed,

leveled, hammered and pressed
into hearty, holy unleavened bread.

O child of God, surrender involves a loss
only superficially similar, by faith, to death.

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