Saturday, October 18, 2014

A stretch of silence

A stretch of silence

You and I share a room.
I come and go where You remain.

Like sprays of flowers, You add
Your silence, Your darkling mystery,

a pinch of unbearable love.
I add my aching fear,

my infidelity and indifference -
continuously drawn to the door,

darting in and out.
There's always a parade downtown

with a carnival on the outskirts.
But, also, afraid to be alone with You;

unable to endure but for a few moments
at a stretch Your beautiful, lonely silence,

Your seductive, foreign presence,
Your fragrant promise

of peace and annihilation.
Consider it

remembrance or, the eternal moment,
each comparatively empty

and heart-rending
in its ungraspable elusiveness.

O child of God, make Him your constant companion
by exploring His real and constant presence.

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