Saturday, November 16, 2013

The cleft of flesh

The cleft of flesh

It shone through, Mani said.
It shone through.  Your divinity.

Particularly as the coat frayed;
split-seamed and threadbare.

Your lovers clamored those latter days
for the nectar of Your presence --

It shone through.  And nowadays
in a random soul, coat perforated

by the casual sorrows of human existance,
the loneliness and the long night-vigils,

whose faith and the thread of Your Light
have kept stitched together,

It shines through.  Shines through.
With God's Light behind every star

and space a threadbare cloak,
so through the cleft of flesh

the Light pours into this dusky realm.
Cleft, o lovers, for thee and me.

O child of God.  There was a glow,
said Mani.  There was a definite glow.


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