Saturday, January 5, 2013

The business of love

The business of love            

I love you more
than you could ever love yourself,

Meher Baba said.  My self
not in the business of love –

neither payments nor debts; 
my self ...  the absence of love

and love ...  the absence of self.
Looking for love under the street lamp –

in the assorted galleries of fantasies and flight.
Finding none in our selves, we look to others –

who look to us across the great divide.
The love of which my Lord speaks
offers no barter nor bargain – love not
because of what we might give (or receive)

but, what might empty us, what might
(in our absence) make room for,

make room for ... Love,
make room for ... God.

O child of God, what is this business of love?
Meher says it’s the essence of your being.


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