Saturday, January 5, 2013

The business of love

The business of love                                                                    

I love you more, said Meher Baba,
than you could ever love yourself,

My self not in the business of love –
neither payments nor debts; 

my self – the absence of love
and love – the absence of self.

Looking for love in the assorted galleries
of fantasy and flight.  Finding none

in ourselves, we look to other selves –
who look to us across the great divide.

The love of which my Lord speaks
offers no barter nor bargain –

love not because of what we might give
(or receive) but, what might empty us,

what might make room, make room -
make room for Love; make room for God.

O child of God, what is this business of love?
Meher says it’s the essence of your being.

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