Friday, January 18, 2019

When you look for God

When you look for God                                                                                     

The path seems more like a river now
than a road – I’m being pulled down it. 

I haven’t the choice even
of opening or shutting my eyes.

God, through the Law, does that.
The river wends where it will,

flowing also through my mind –
torrents of thoughts, emotions, moods  

often turgid with the impedimenta of fear.
Attachment is not only about desire,

it’s about existence – my existence.  In truth,
I am a witness not a participant of my journey.

Thus I am bound and thus I am infinitely free.
Realization of that freedom is my destiny.

My search (which is not mine to claim)
is an unfolding of that destiny –

ever fated to seek and never find God
for I do not exist apart from Him.

O child, when you look for God, Rumi said,
God is in the look of your eyes.

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