Saturday, August 24, 2013

The glue of faith

The glue of faith

Surrender, my Beloved said.
Become all Mine when there is nothing

left of you.  To surrender absolutely,
I surmised, absolute trust is required --

gathering the scattered shards
and splinters of my childhood trust

and, with the glue of faith, fashioning anew
that bright, sturdy vessel.  When it had assumed

a fragile shadow of its former shape,
I brought it to the Lord for inspection.

In His infinite compassion, He stated --
You can't bring that through My door.

Your trust, He explained, must also be surrendered. 
And I wandered into the desert,

my trust tucked loosely under my arm.
I can't let it go -- it's my connection to Him.

I can't keep it -- it's made of my own convictions.
Hold on to it, my Lord said.  Honor it.  Drink from it.

Use it in your prayers .. until the day
you can successfully crush it under your heels.

O child of God, illusion begets illusion.
Selfhood taints everything it touches.


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