Friday, February 24, 2012

The crux of embrace

The crux of embrace

As its fragrance is hidden in the rose,
my Beloved said,
so My presence is hidden in the human heart.

Under our noses, Lord – unobserved
within ourselves and others.

Only faith and desire keep us daring
the crux of embrace.

Yes, the heart gets tipsy at the first nip  
of Your wine -- dances in its cage;      

deeper in the cup, it grows weepy and ponderous.
And when Your fire sweeps through –

first, a searing pain, then ... burned rubble
from which to look out sheepishly upon the world.

But, You promised us ... You promised Your presence  
every moment woven into the heart’s delicate fabric

so pervasively, the rose, having never set
tender foot beyond its vast domain, 
goes about wailing and weeping
at the absence of its own scent.

O child of God, turn from the world’s enticements
to discover within, the fragrance of God.


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