Saturday, January 9, 2016

The antonym for compare

The antonym for compare

There is no antonym for compare
exactly.  Not even close.  Imagine!

This unremarkable verb
striking at the heart of the mystery.

Oneness ever essentially intact,
apprehended only originally

and left thereafter immaculate
while the self is constructed

of comparisons amidst the aptness,
carving out a niche, divvying up the Oneness.

There is but one antonym
when purely grasped, approximated,

roughly worded beyond the self,
outside the covers of any Thesaurus,

alluded to faithfully, often non-verbally,
by the mystics, one difficult, elusive

though not quite unattainable antonym
for compare - non-existence.

O child of God, get back to the garden,
to that pristine original, incomparable view.

drawing by Rich Panico

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