Saturday, February 9, 2013

Where do I go?

Where do I go?   

Where do I go
to get my innocence back?

O fresh-cheeked, joyous, clear-eyed boy!
Shall I break the news to you? 

I sold you out ... ages ago, for shining trifles.   
Innocence strewn and squandered,

compliance wheedled and coaxed –
secret indulgences, anonymous compromises,

a whisper and a hope... and all for love;
all for love ... but, I lacked the courage.

Beaten up, pasted over, trampled under ...
I betrayed you and failed you ...

and here you are again, forgiving me,
begging me to come clean.

I have no promises to make.  It will take courage ...
all the courage I never had –

the countless moments of truth
that came and went and found me wanting.

Where do I go ... to find that courage?
To get my innocence back?

Here, said my Beloved. 
Come here.  Come to Me.

O child of God, your pretenses worn threadbare ...
let your humble, homely truth shine through.


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