Saturday, August 20, 2016

The green promise

The green promise       

A wedding in Cana –
Jesus saving the best for last,

turning water into wine.
A wedding come about 

and then transfiguration - 
bread and water becoming bread and wine 

on the tongues of true believers; 
then, a conception: a new, double life 

and an offspring,the little child 
you must become, father to the man.

An exchange of vows and a green promise, 
a sweet new crush after the ripening - the best for last. 

O pilgrim, through these daunting times 
in your life and the world, drink to that 

best for last - the sweet crush, the green promise, 
the saving of the best for last, the best for last.

O child of God, to reach the Oneness
get drunk enough to obliterate all boundaries.

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