Saturday, June 18, 2016

Our only hope

Our only hope      

Everyone is taking sides,
yet everyone is on the same side:  

it’s our vision versus His. 
Should we not give our tongues

to Him to quell, flesh to subdue,
our thunderous hearts

amidst this impossible rebellion?
Not in piety and passivity

but as a clear and dutiful course of action,
out of compassion, such as it is,

out of our ignorance and impairment.
Out of a tenuous devotion to mercurial truth,

to make it along the narrow way, His way,
as best it might be determined,

holding out faithfully for the one great hope –
our only hope – until the truth we are able

to gather entirely and quite frankly see
for ourselves – God’s perspective, God’s big picture.

O child, keep your opinions to yourself.
Only silence should come from a grave.

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