Monday, May 7, 2012

The prayer of Immensity

The prayer of Immensity

I used to crawl through the Universal Prayer
on my hands and knees,

entering through a hatch
in the O before Parvardigar.

By lying flat, twisting myself here and there,
I could inch my way to the last word of worship.

But, one morning, midway through, I tripped
a hidden switch or brushed a secret lever,

or, perhaps ... it was the power of one word
spoken with heartfelt sincerity –

the whole prayer expanded to the dimensions
of the descriptions within it.

Not just the firmament and the depths,
but on all planes and beyond ...

the three worlds and beyond ...
the source of Truth, the Ocean of Love,

beyond and beyond and still yet beyond ...
time and space, imagination and conception.

I found myself in an endless void as the words
of the prayer rose to my lips and faded in my ears.

O child of God, this is the prayer of Immensity –
the Immeasurable, the Unnamable and Incomprehensible. 

O child of God, recite faithfully the Universal Prayer.
It’s about you and who you really are.


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