Saturday, March 16, 2013

The meeting of needs

The meeting of needs          

Two lovers may blur the boundaries,
albeit fleetingly; bleeding into each other

a stilling poise – a sensual hint
of the Oneness we seek in our loneliness 

while two selves, naked and loveless,   
occasion a rasping away

at fraught desire – glimpses through
the threadbare garments

we gather around ourselves – no more frantic
a moment nor despairing a truth.

Apartment houses, condominiums,
gated communities; villages, boroughs,

slums and barrios around the world
stuffed full of people

holed up alone in their rooms.
It’s the point of God within us

we must unclothe, acquiescing,
not to the other, but to the need

in the bones of our structure
for which there is no earthly, human meeting.

O child of God, how might loneliness
ever be quenched within the realm of duality?


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