Saturday, September 14, 2013

God was born

God was born

God was born (as any lover will attest)
at David Sassoon Hospital in Pune, India 

more than a century ago now.  That is to say,
God entered the mortal realm an embryo in a womb --

vulnerable, dependent, minuscule and yet, growing
inexorably toward fruition.  Nothing can hold back God;

His precisely scheduled manifestation.
Even Jesus (of the ascension and the miraculous birth)

began as a floating fish in a woman's belly.
O seeker of God, God is within you 

right now -- (it's how He enters the realm).
Within you -- vulnerable, dependent, minuscule, yes,

but growing every moment, inexorably toward fruition.
And, in the course of His love and law,

He shall outgrow the flesh that encapsulates Him,
transcend the mind that ensnares and escape

forever the narrow, bedimmed, illusory confines
of your self.  O seeker, nothing can hold back

the God within you nor prevent His destined,
precisely scheduled manifestation.

O child of God, happy birthday! Everyone --
says Meher Baba -- is destined for the supreme goal.


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