Friday, December 27, 2013

Due inheritance

Due inheritance

Soon after birth, left beside a bridge.  
They had not the heart like so many others

to throw her into the river.  It's easy now -
and then - to trace the royalty of her blood,

the inherent beauty, the glow of her holiness.
In fact, it's evident in all their faces -

everyone born into this realm is abandoned at birth.
Who, then, dares implant such a longing -

that each child should expect sheltering
and nourishment, indulgence and praise?

O fellow children of God, heirs to the kingdom,
when shall we accept the mantle of our nobility?

When shall we demand 
with trembling voice and shaking fist

our due inheritance - and nothing less?
The heart will hold its tongue

for millenniums, submissive to the senses,
to circumstances, ignorance and death,

but, it knows, it knows, it knows ...
and once it begins to unfold, to strengthen and rise,

our demeanor and likeness to the King become
ever more transparent, self-evident and undeniable.

O children of God, assume the kingdom's throne
by becoming who you already are.


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