Saturday, May 26, 2012

Your damaan

Your damaan

O Lord, whatever it takes.  I am holding onto You.
Through rough treatment, barren patches,

through episodes of almost unendurable intimacy,
I am holding onto You.

You broke open this heart of mine
and with Your lovely hands planted a seed.

I can feel it now taking root in my chest.
One day it will pin me to the earth

and a huge, sheltering tree will grow.
Then I might be worth something.

It’s cracking me open now,
letting in joy and pain and a great love.

I have the hem of that great love in my hands.
I can only imagine the height and breadth of it in the dark.

Stumbling along, as You twist, tug and sway me –
my whole world has become this grip on Your damaan.

O child of God, don’t get lost.  Hold on to Your Beloved
          tightly and mightily.
Get into the rhythm of His long, holy strides.

                                   (from The Garden of Surrender, 2004)

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