Saturday, December 14, 2013

Crowded house

Crowded house

You often slip my mind
but are lodged ever firmly in my chest -

the best part of me now.  The real part.
Neglected at times in the crowded house -

guests milling about, unintended, uninvited.
Luminous in Your flowing white gown,

I inch toward You, working the crowd,
strangers tugging at my sleeve,

inserting themselves between us,
spinning me around by the shoulder.

Everyone has something important to tell me.
I reach You and fall at Your feet.

When I lift my head the house is empty
save for You and me.  I keep all sorts

of images like this in my head.
But, I want to know You in my chest -

aglow in the iron-ribbed furnace,
cheeks ruddy, neck flushed,

eyes green fire, tears unbidden.
I want You to leave me impaired -

sated, wondrous and bewildered,
mouth clamped shut so no smoke escapes.

O child of God, oneness begins with constancy
so complete it shatters the illusion of duality.


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