Sunday, August 23, 2015

God's fabled Illusion

God’s fabled Illusion                                                                                

Believing all this – that this is all there is –
invites indulgence, mischief

pushing up from a sweet but false core.
Having no outer authority nor awaiting reward,

no further substance nor sustenance,
no purpose other than to plow and plod

this earth of delight and sorrows ever
outside the fettered gate, gathering what fruit

we may and wild flowers to adorn our graves.
Believing not in a singular Love, a favored Eye;

a stewardship, a royal Companion; believing not
in an ultimate accounting and justice;

believing not in God’s fabled Illusion
is to invest in human illusion

with all its impotence and futility.
To believe in God’s Illusion

is to have faith in the preeminence
of Something more than all there is.

O child of God, the veils of this realm
flutter loosely among the twisted limbs of faith.

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