Saturday, September 6, 2014

A new banner

A new banner

Each morning I hoist the flag -
salute my sovereignty, my authority,

establish my boundaries,
determine which way the wind blows.

Tattered, under sun and weather,
it's blanched over the years into white,

the colors I cling to less and less relevant,
the governing body for which it stands

having picked up and moved to another shore.
This daily ritual is a mere adherence

to the only allegiance I've ever known,
containing in its discrepancies a freedom

only dreamed of, read about in books.
It's a ceremony I'm only true to

because there's nothing else to do
until my liberator arrives and we haul

down the flag together;
reverently fold, put it away forever.

I'll gather my things and follow Him
under a new banner into the great unknown.

O child of God, Meher says the journey
is from the bottom red stripe to the top pale blue.


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