Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things that are real

Things that are real                                                                            

We are forever exchanging words,
my companions and I –    

but, no one has dared
to exchange silences with me;

to look me in the eye and enter the realm
where Real things are given and received.

I’ve been reluctant as well, all of a solitary life,
to trust a human heart – to court that suffering.

That’s what I love about You. 
You live in that realm of the Real. 

Even when You stepped down to this turbulent planet,
You brought the beauty of silence with You.

You brought humanity to its gate.
You flooded our souls with its fragrance.

You meet us there yet,
whoever might take Your arm,

to exchange with Your lovers
the Reality for which there are no words.

O child of God, His advent is an invitation
to join Him in the realm of silence.


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