Saturday, July 2, 2016

A trick of light

A trick of light                                                                                           

Through the gate the threaded film,
frame by frame, rolls and unrolls. 

We’re made of the same mere trick of light,
not existing beyond the whole,

defined and determined by the Source
and by everything around us.

So our task, it seems, in mid-performance,
is to espy the truth of our falsity,

non-separation, non-superiority, and comply. 
To live falsely is suffering’s cause.

To live truthfully brings peace, and ultimate
liberation – to ourselves and others.

Various methods, the Masters use
to instruct us in this conscious dissolution,

this intentional yielding – ways
of controlled, provisional self-effacement,

beneficial in themselves but destined
to be eventually gone beyond and laid aside.

O child of God, Meher proclaimed continuously
in His silence – we are not we but One.

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