Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Upon the darkling plain

Upon the darkling plain                              

How poignant it must look from above ­–
a tableau of tragic beauty as billions stir

upon the darkling plain we consider lit,
tricked by the dim lanterns we hold aloft,

their small, illumined circumferences.  
Ah, the furtiveness afforded us by the half-light!

The anonymity, duplicity and stealth
as we fool ourselves in the shadows

between lamps, so far from the sun.
Manipulate the truth

into whatever shape we please.
Get away with it – the human cruelties,

betrayals large and small,
the brutality, anger, greed and lust

which breed in that dark, moist scenario.
We lay it at the feet of those

we consider to be other-than-ourselves,
in our inability to concede

our own blindness and culpability
in the continual darkness that engulfs us all.

O child of God, Jesus said I am the Light
while Meher in Persian refers to the Sun.

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