Saturday, November 21, 2015

Garden-variety meditation

Garden-variety meditation

This serpentine interior monologue -
I break it or allow it to break

into sentence fragments, not violently
but each daisy chain phrase

plucked delicately apart
into pleasant, disconnected incoherence;

letting it run ahead, out of earshot, while I
slip back and forth through that well-oiled gate

where no such whisperings
could ever tempt a soul into anything

contrary to God's benevolent oneness.
Let them die mercilessly on the vine then,

those sticky, persistent, overripe seductions
and pray for the garden to become

a realm of pure observation; a quiet, paled,
permanent, edenic place of dwelling.

O child of God, like pearls string together
those artfully concocted manonash moments.

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