Saturday, October 31, 2015

Who in the world I am

Who in the world I am

The veneer is peeling away,
the finish worn bare,

glue stiffened into ineffectuality -
coming apart at the seams,

my life running everywhere ahead
of my turgid imagination, wobbling

into incongruity and improbability;
bewilderment, even lapses of childlike wonder,

a rebuke of my earlier elaborate musings,
strategies and theorems, earnest endeavors,

never for a moment accepting
the conditions of an inviolable truth

cast ever beyond my flailing human grasp;
never for a moment accepting

the inherent, apposite ignorance
which not only belongs to me

but which is inescapably
who in the world I am.

O child of God, pray that such an imposed humility
might somehow lead to a deeper encounter.

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