Saturday, September 8, 2018

To satisfy our thirst

To satisfy our thirst                                                                             

A wayfarer in the wilderness dying of thirst
stumbling upon a cave where monks once lived. 

His great hope dashed – finding it deserted,
dust-laden, with empty jugs, parched manuscripts,

rough-sketched maps of doomed, abandoned wells.
My Lord said He has come not to teach

but . . . to satisfy our thirst.  Promising
the wayfarer shall by appointment meet

someone somewhere who will give him –
in precious, strategic sips – life-giving water,

guide him gently to a higher realm
of deep, icy pools where his thirst

will be satisfied entirely, then forgotten,
becoming ultimately inconceivable.

O child of God, the only value of your imagination
is its aid to the remembrance of your Beloved.

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