Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another brief kiss

Another brief kiss       

It was suggested I write another
poem, though I’ve nothing to say;

perhaps about my inarticulacy
which no one cares to hear

yet, how is that my concern?
This is who I am, apparently,

and how I occupy my time,
though it’s just another intoxication,

luring me from the real.
I should never think in terms of gain –

that I am moving forward or upward
toward the truth and beyond;

never consider that I have anything important
to learn and convey to my own soul or others.

There’s no place for any of us to get to,
just a lonely divestiture and this –

another leaned over, brief kiss,
trying to brush away the cobwebs,

like in any other fairytale,
from my ancient, enchanted eyes.

O child of God, a dream within a dream –
this divinely-crafted illusion of self.

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