Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sweet solace

Sweet solace

Candles guttering, bottles empty,
the littered table abandoned;

bellies full; throats raspy with song --
one more, one more and still yet, one more --

companions reluctant to end the night.
Longing for God is the same fire

as solace found
in the impermanence of existence;

in the impermanence of the self;
solace, sweet solace found

in the ethereal and illusory,
in abdication and surrender,

in the structure and promise,
the poetry and majesty of the game itself;

found by faith and grace, solace
by faith and grace, grace always there,

always there -- all there ever was 
and all there ever will be.

O child of God, longing and solace are the same fire
taken from the One eternal, ever-abundant Source.


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