Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Terribly far

Terribly far                   

Lord, you have guided me,
(tugged by the sleeve) – this dream-figure

I loosely inhabit, yet cling to so firmly,
plowing through the minefield of another

stepping stone, planting and reaping as necessary. 
You’ve known all along where we are going

while I haven’t yet a hint, only lately being given
a dim sense of direction and purpose –

drawn from the woods onto a vast plain.  
I am to leave in the shadows my timepiece,

the paste of my jewelry; papers of identification,
a neat pile of shoes and clothes; then slicing deeper,

to flesh and bone, thoughts and passion
as I pare down to become lighter than wind,

my fate part and particle of the whole agenda –
across to those mountains and the ocean beyond,

becoming inevitably my Self, loosening
a proprietary grip on this dream

and the tiny, absurd yet persistent
misconception of who I really am.

O child of God, you have stumbled a few steps closer.
O how terribly far you have yet to go!

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