Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lost trains

Lost trains                                                                                         

The beekeeper moves the queen;
the other bees circle, swarm, cleave and cling.

Just so, o child, attach your thoughts to the Master
with great and exclusive fervor
until all scattered whims, loose ends,
doubts and desires, all lost trains,

projections, slips and lapses, all indulgent               
vagaries and presumptive notions

cluster, coalesce and adhere
to the one true purpose of your existence –

service and allegiance to your Lord –
toiling on His behalf,

striking the spike’s head every moment, 
again and again and again,

deeply driven and authentic.  O child! 
Such a clear-headed, harmonious

and vital industry from you
will offer this vapid world 

an unparalleled sweetness --
untainted, lucent and gloriously rich.

O child of God, in their turbulent stream, which thoughts
are more valuable than thoughts of God?


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