Thursday, July 12, 2018

Red herrings and wild geese

Red herrings and wild geese             

Neti, neti . . . neti, neti –
the process of elimination and negation. 

Not worthiness but honesty required. 
Adherence to vigilance.  

No choice, really, but a seeing through
and once seen through, unhanded,

unimaginable anymore as valuable
or desirable and so life narrows down –

the passion, pain and pleasure of it.
We exist apparently only through

an attachment to a medium of expression molded
by our past particular sanskaras and general hunger.

One day (I’m told) we will see the whole as neti, neti,
nothing of any value to attach ourselves to

having run out of red herrings and wild geese
and then we can’t go back there anymore,

the only choice left in the Oneness being
all or nothing – Truth or illusion, God or self;

not a choice really but a seeing through   
our non-existence to God the everything.

O child of God, treasure the pristine view of the dream –
empty and momentary, dependent, signifying nothing.

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