Friday, April 1, 2016



You might have to leave your home
and go yonder; leave your loved ones,

the land of your birth and go yonder;
for the sake of family and friends,

go yonder, yonder, alone,
across the wide meadow;

nothing romantic or remarkable,
just the quiet unfolding of fate

and the winding of the path into the hills
from which comes your strength.

O beloved Lord, you might ask,
or silently require of the impersonal Way –

open Your gate – for nothing else matters
because everything else matters;

because ephemeral beauty, truth and virtue
are beautiful and virtuous and true;

because Love is majestic and Its own validation.
You might have to leave home and go yonder,

yonder, yonder on a singular path
until God and It, the Life and the Way,

are no longer out of grasp
but in your hands and under your feet at last.

O child of God, lonely is the path of Love
and impersonal the Buddha’s Way. 

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