Friday, December 7, 2012

Sum total

Sum total    

Who are you going to believe,
Ramdas asked his disciples,

me ... or your lying eyes?  (Or, words
to that effect).  Only Kalyan chose the Master,

fetching a lantern for the noonday prayers;
others wanting to believe but left stranded

as the ship sailed, grieved and abandoned.
(Only the disinterested ones, 

certain of the madness of the Master and his minions
survived unscathed).

It is hard to see the Light; hard to see
the darkness, to put your lips upon the foul

and deadly with no inner assurance
of salvation and sweetness,

the universe bearing unholy witness against you.
An absurd, lonely, desperate risk and quest –

(did He ever describe it otherwise?) –
to go against the sum total of all you’ve ever known.

O lonely, hopeless seeker of God,
only Meher is there to balance the scales,

only Meher, only Meher inviting you
to join Him in His divine madness.

O child of God, run fetch your lantern!
Follow your Lord into the noonday sun.


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