Monday, July 22, 2013

Body language

Body language

Men's daily lives will be 
the living precept (You promise).

The words I have not spoken
will come to life in them.

Meanwhile ... I study body languages
in myself and other lovers

of Your seven bodies, searching,
inside and out, for the birth of words

for years unspoken -- yet, shaped
a lifetime on earth, on earth,

o Emmanuel, Emmanuel.
Await the living, breathing words

among us, precepts sown by silence --
evidential change, redemption, salvation.

Your only miracle, You said --
to change the human heart.

Scholars scour the words You left behind.
I search for the words You left unsaid,

in myself and others -- to become the words,
to become the words You left unsaid.

O child of God, let it be, let it happen.  Let it be,
leave it alone.  Undisturbed ... undisturbed.


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