Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cross yourself

Cross yourself                                                                                      

Cross yourself – routinely
(in whatever form customary) –

puja, zikr, mea culpa; yarmulke,
psalter, kusti, damru, suf.

Don’t look for trouble; let it find you – 
keep it between the shoulders,

o good neighbor. You’ll find dear enough,
familiar faces around the corner,

down the street, in need of heartiness
and a gentle hand.  Cross yourself –

quietly, discreetly; apply deeper wisdom,
a farther vision, visceral caution. 

Keep your balance to help
balance the world around you.

Cross yourself, o traitorous one,
and you may find after so long a time

crossing yourself befriends the Friend –
befriends the One, befriends your true Self.

O child of God, give only advice gingerly
gleaned from the words of the Master.

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