Friday, March 23, 2012



To begin to love, o pilgrim, stop caring –
what happens, what doesn’t happen.

Stop caring what people think;
what you have and have not.

Stop caring who you are,
who you are not.

Stop weighing and measuring,
adding up and sorting out.

Without a scrap of guarantee, the mandali
signed their lives away to enter the New Life,

(the one living eternally 
even if there is no one to live it.)

At some future station along the road
will the Elder Brother turn and find 

not another soul upon it?  O pilgrim!
Your name is being read out in Mandali Hall!

Will you sit among the Yeswallas? 
Or, strike out on a different path, cross-country,
unmindful and alone?

O child of God, seek the Beloved’s pleasure.
As for anything else -- stop caring.


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